Here are several questions we have gathered up here at QHS for you to ask & think   
about while shopping for a stallion in which you will be having semen shipped for your mare.

Will the Stallion be shown during the year? If so, find out when  
and determine if he will be available when you anticipate needing semen.

Are there still available bookings? If so, at what number will they close the book for the year.

What month of the season do they anticipate a strong demand?

Are there only specific days in which the Stallion will be collected?
If so, find out what program they’ll be on.

Will they be collecting on demand and if so, will they go to the airport, if necessary to assure the shipment will be delivered on time.

What will be the charges for this extra effort?

This information gives you an idea on how to work around your mares heat  
cycle to assure your semen will arrive on time.

Now request a breeding contract and make sure you feel comfortable with all the  
terms. If you have questions regarding the contract always ask up front.

How much money must be paid prior to the first shipment of semen?
Is the collection fee charged for each collection?

What terms are there if your mare does not conceive? Make sure you understand all
the information you have up to this point. Now you  need to ask about shipping.

What kind of shipping container do they use?
If they use an Equitainer, is there a container deposit?
Is there an additional daily rental fee for the Equitainer?
If they use a disposable, what is the cost for each shipment?

Now you have an idea on what is involved when semen is shipped and how 
important it is for all parties to work together.

After all you are both trying hard to achieve the same goals.

Great Babies!!


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